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MAD Magazine

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Mad Magazine Fans
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Here is a community that admires MAD Magazine. Feel free to post screenshots, pictures, quotes, or anything in general that you feel is MAD related.


1. No bad language. Kids (With irresponsible parents, sure) read MAD.
2. Got a really big image? LJ-cut it or link to it or something. It saves people with slow modems a lot of hassle.
3. Flame wars are stupid. Enough said.
4. No off-topic posts. It has to relate to MAD someway.
5. Only advertise things if it's MAD-related.
6. You are capable of typing in full sentences, you know. Everyone makes errors, but please make your post/comment readable.

Maintained by mcteethinator
If you feel I've missed something in the interests, feel free to tell me.