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Mad Magazine Game [Feb. 14th, 2008|05:18 pm]
Mad Magazine Fans


Hey. I was wondering if anyone had any interest in the CD collection (PC-CD, has a lot of the magazines on it, US versions) I don't use it any more (havn't for years) and was wondering if there was any interest in it or not. I think there is just a bit of a tear in the huge box it came in (couldn't figure out how to open it when i was a youngin, lol). I'm in South Australia (so i guess that's where any postage kills it) I saw it on ebay for $250...i'm pretty sure the RRP was $100ish (this is quite a few years ago)

So does anyone have interest in it? or know of people that could be interested? Thanks. (also if people need photos of it that can be arranged :) )